Payment Methods

Interac®  E-Transfer

Sending payment through Interac®  E-Transfer is a fast, easy and secure way to send payment to Medicanna Express.

Just select Interac® E-Transfer on check out and you will be asked to send payment through Interac® E-Transfer. Your next step is to log into your online banking and send the payment to the address we provide. All orders placed under e-transfer will be on hold until we receive e-mail confirmation for the funds.

For full instructions on how to pay using Interac® E-Transfer click here

Cash  At the Door

Available for Same Day Delivery orders only

We accept cash, in Canadian currency only. Our drivers carry change so bills are accepted as well.

Interac®  Debit At the Door

Not available on Wednesdays. 

Pay with your debit card at the door when you order same day delivery and our delivery drivers will have a portable debit machine ready for you to pay for your order.  At this time our drivers only take debit and not credit cards. Tap not supported.

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