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How COVID Changed Cannabis Industry

It has been an eventful 365 days for the cannabis industry. From a lackluster beginnings, short supplies, poor quality, strict regulations and bankruptcies, physical stores have had it rough since the very start.

Yet there has been no greater challenge presented to the cannabis industry than the one forced onto it than the threat of Covid-19. Many cannabis companies across Canada have been forced either to close, risk bankruptcy or had to reduce staff and products. Physically located cannabis dispensaries have been dealing with crisis after crisis since its legalization back in 2018. How is the industry poised to benefit or evolved after this pandemic?

For the time being, or at least the foreseeable future, it seems that shopping at cannabis stores have applied changes for better. Or is it for worse?

Here’s the Deal:

For starters, cannabis has been something that has brought countless people together, built friendships and memories with. Even now, all that is changing. Friends no longer are sharing bongs, joints or pipes. If they are having a smoking circle, it is based around social distancing orders. One can discuss whether that is a good thing or not, but it is clear that the bonding that cannabis can bring between people has been diminished for the time being.

Also, basic economics indicate that we are likely to see an increase in price and a drop-in service or quality of service. This is so that the cannabis companies reduce as much losses as possible, and it translates into a lose-lose scenario for the consumer. In the meantime, it looks like those who make up and support the cannabis community are taking self-isolation and quarantine orders very seriously, refusing to go to brick and mortar stores. Since the downturn of clients and revenue, consumers have been searching for alternative methods of sourcing their cannabis, and they’ve found comfort in Mail Order Marijuana providers like Medicanna Express.

Drawn to Excellence

What is it about Medicanna Express and other similar services that has driven a consistent increase in our services and delivery volume? This MoM can offer fairer pricing for similar strains, same day delivery and a variety of products that would make any physical store blush! We can do this because we do not have the constant upkeep costs that most stores have to factor in. Costs such as high rent, displays, and increased staff costs. Medicanna is able to cut that out of our pricing and presents to your quality cannabis products at fair and reasonable costs.

Products like our Death Bubba or God Bud would probably cost you a significantly more (in store retails around $10 or more per gram), but we are able to sell it for $7 a gram!  Now that is some competition! Of course, you would have to take the time out of your day, apply social distancing measures to your visit and hope that the sun stays out long enough, so you don’t get caught in the snow or rain.

So, Covid-19 has driven the cannabis community online and has proven to be another difficult and industry impacting crisis, mail order marijuana services have been able to navigate the choppy waters with a little bit more clarity.




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