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Medicanna Express to the Rescue

When you need something fast, who you gonna call?

Isn’t that the question we’re thinking of when we’re working late, too busy taking care of the kids or whatever other reasons that keep is occupied. If one thing is for certain, it is that life always gets busier with age. Though with that problem comes a solution, maybe the best solution. Medicanna Express is a fast, affordable, and effective mail order marijuana delivery service. You can call us the bet MoM, just for short.

We’re more than just guys trying to make a quick buck. Our team at Medicanna Express are knowledgeable, passionate and understand what makes clients happy. From the top down we’re dedicated to not only providing access to top quality cannabis products, but the fastest delivery out of any other MoM.

What sort of products does Medicanna Express expressly delivers? See what I did there? It’s a pretty good question and I think you’ll really enjoy what we have. You can expect your typical sativa, indica and hybrid cannabis buds (or choose some pre-rolls). Though if you’re into something a little different you may be interested in trying out our tinctures or vape pens which are cannabis derivatives.

If you’re into exploring more modern methods of smoking, then you may be persuaded to buy some of our vape pens. What’s fantastic about these 1.2ml cartridges is that they come in different flavours. Some of those flavours include tropical, blueberry and strawberry cartridges.

Though if you’re looking for something less fantastical and more holistic then you may want to consider buying tinctures instead. Available in both THC and CBD persuasions, the tinctures we carry come in several potencies.

Medicanna has way more than just bud, vape pens and tinctures of course. You didn’t think we’d skimp out on the good stuff, did you? Medicanna Express values our customers and wants to be able to provide a full spectrum of products for their selections. What kind of mom wouldn’t sell capsules, topicals and hash!? You bet we do!

As you can tell Medicanna isn’t pulling any stops. The next step is for you to visit our store, become a member (it’s easier than you think) and see for yourself. It’s the only way to truly find out the quality of our product first-hand and how fast our delivery can be compared to some of the other, “alternative” (less cool) MoM’s on the market.

We invite you to come on down and take a look around our online store. We’re more than confident you’ll be amazed at the variety of products and the value offered. Mix that with great delivery and you’ll have a fantastic experience. Visit our store now and enjoy Medicanna Express.

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