MOM, CBD, THC and the Three Strains

MoM, CBD, THC and the Three Strains

A Guide to Celebrating What the Post Office Can Deliver to Your Door!

Before you run to your local dispensary, consider trying MediCanna Express, a Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) service!

If you need fast, affordable and effective medicinal cannabis delivered directly to your doorstep, MediCanna Express, a MOM service is waiting to help patients select the best medicinal grade cannabis and ship it discreetly to anywhere in Canada. 

Or if you prefer a little recreational activity, we’ve got that covered too!

We offer fast, discreet and inexpensive delivery for all of our orders. Each package from MediCanna Express is carefully packed and shipped to arrive quickly so you can start feeling better as soon as possible.

Sure you could go to a government store, but then you’re subjecting yourself to some inconvenience. First you have to leave your house, a difficult decision for some during COVID! You may even have to drive through heavy traffic or take public transport or stand in line.

When you purchase online from MediCanna Express however, you’re getting a streamlined experience with products delivered straight to your door. MOM services are the best kept secret on the internet.

Registration is super simple and easy. Just fill-in your address, select the products you want, put them in your cart and then pay for your purchases. Your items will be delivered without delay.


Nearly half of Canadian cannabis customers buy online

A study commissioned by a licensed cannabis producer recently revealed that 43 per cent of Canadian customers buy their cannabis online. That’s a huge number! Perhaps because of COVID, but definitely because of the ease and convenience, they prefer online shopping as opposed to going to a cannabis store in person. The same study also suggests that 16 per cent of these customers like to consult the reviews and recommendations available online before making their purchasing decision.

Since we see the cannabis plant as a wonderful medicine that can treat all types of ailments from PTSD, insomnia, depression, pain and anxiety we want to make sure that your medicine is the best we can possibly provide. Our products are only the highest of quality and come from accredited and safe suppliers. We guarantee all our products—from the simplest bud to the technologically advanced vape pen we guarantee everything we sell.

Keep in mind that not all cannabis is created equally, so if you are in need of high-quality, medical cannabis with reliable dosing, look no further than MediCanna Express. We invite you to register to become a member and start to explore how medicinal cannabis might help improve your life.

But first, we’re going to break down the differences between all the types of strains so you know what to add to your cart:



Cannabis is a family of plants that includes hemp and marijuana. Cannabis is made up of the dried leaves, flowers and buds of the plant Cannabis Sativa. The plant provides for versatile consumption—for example, it can be smoked, vaporized, brewed into tea, produced as an oil, sprayed under the tongue, applied to the skin or cooked in food or made into other edibles. Cannabis contains a variety of different compounds called cannabinoids, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp.

THC induces psychoactive effects—it’s the compound that gives users a “high.” Cannabis typically has 15% to 40% THC. Cannabis “sativa” and “indica” are two subspecies of the same plant. Indica is a stout plant with wide leaves said to have more of a calming or sedating effect, while sativa is a taller plant with thinner leaves, that many believe provide a more euphoric and uplifting experience, also believed to make users more creative. 

CBD is a non-intoxicating component of the cannabis plant. It is not psychoactive, so does not provide a “high.” Advocates believe that this compound offers relief for a variety of health issues and ailments, including anxiety, chronic pain, mood disorders and other conditions. It is considered very helpful by many cancer patients in helping to control the nausea and other side-effects from chemotherapy. There are many who say that CBD will soon become the next health and beauty sensation, similar to Vitamin D or omega-3.

Currently, hundreds of scientific researchers around the world are studying CBD. Many are eager to discover more about how it might effectively relieve symptoms of various ailments as well as explore its other aspects. For example: A recent Australian medical study found that CBD killed all strains of bacteria they tested, including some which are highly resistant to existing antibiotics. The authors believe that it could one day form the basis of a new drug to fight antibiotic resistance. 


The Indica, The Sativa and The Hybrid

Here’s a simple guide to what you should look out for when choosing between the various strains available. 


The Sativa 

Sativa plants are taller and slimmer than its indica sibling, and has thin, finger-like leaves. It can grow to be more than 4.5 metres (12 feet) in height but they take a bit longer to mature than other types of cannabis. 

Sativa typically delivers a lower dose of CBD and a higher dose of THC, so it produces more of a head “high,” while still offering alertness. It is said to enhance creativity and boost energy and is known to leave users feeling uplifted and happy or euphoric. Sativa is typically used during the day because of its energizing effects. 

For example, Lemon haze is one of the best citrusy Sativa strains that has a unique lemon taste and aroma while providing a satisfying and flavourful experience. The combination of sensual aromas and euphoric effects, this strain is like none other. It delivers uplifting, happy and relaxed feelings and could be very effective for people suffering from fatigue, stress, depression, headaches and general pain. 


The Indica 

Indica plants tend to be short and stocky with lots of bushy greenery and broad, fat leaves. They grow faster than sativa and produce lots more buds. Indica strains typically have higher levels of CBD and less THC, so are popular because of the intensely relaxing effects consumption delivers. Indica is also said to reduce pain and nausea while it stimulates appetite.

Because of its deep relaxation effects, indica is considered best for night time consumption.

A very popular indica strain is Granddaddy Purple, also known as “GDP” or “Grand Daddy Purps.” This flavourful bud is said to be the grandfather of all weed strains, packing timeless full-bodied effects with infamous flavour. Or you might wish to try Bubba Kush, another indica strain that’s known for its heady effects and sweet flavours that delivers a powerful relaxing effect. Or you could consider another Indica strain: Bubba Kush x Death Star that has an earthy, sweet flavour and while making you feel happy, relaxed and sleepy, it also helps to relieve insomnia, pain, stress, depression, while improving a lack of appetite.


The Hybrid

Marijuana producers are continually creating new and creative hybrid strains of cannabis by combining different plants. Hybrids are typically developed to emphasize specific inherent effects of the blended parent plants and are typically grown in greenhouses from a combination of sativa and indica strains. The appearance of a hybrid plant depends on the combination of the parents utilized.

Typically, many hybrids are created to enhance THC levels in the variety, and to ensure that there are unique ratios of cannabinoids present. Producers will produce hybrids to develop unique impacts. For example, there are some hybrids created to help reduce stress and anxiety while easing the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation. Also, some hybrids are created for day time use while some are created for night time use, depending upon the predominant properties of the hybrid.

Hybrid cannabis strains are very popular among people who want to soothe symptoms like muscle spasms, chronic pain, anxiety and sleep deprivation. This is exactly what Healer Kush is all about. It can also help people dealing with depression and those experiencing a lack of appetite.

Thanks to this calming, healing marijuana strain you can experience relaxation and happiness. Some users may experience mild euphoria. Healer Kush has a distinctive green color with yellowish ends on the buds and it also smells refreshing. It is good for both beginner and seasoned cannabis users with its mild high and enjoyable flavour.


So go register now and start shopping. 


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