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Pre-Rolled Hybrid Mix (0.5g)


Pre-Rolled Death Bubba (0.5-0.7g)

Pre-Rolled Jamie’s Death Bubba (0.5- 0.7g)


Pre-Rolled Jamie’s Death Bubba

Jamie’s Death Bubba is a specific strain of Death Bubba grown by Magi Farms. The buds are typically lighter green than the regular Death Bubba strain. This variation of the Death Bubba features a sedating effect to both body and mind. The smell and aroma is skunky and sweet with an herbal taste. Recommended for medical users looking for a strong sedative.y.


Premium Indica Mix Pre-Roll 1.25g dipped in Kief


Pre-Rolled Healer Kush (0.5g)

Pre-Rolled Biscotti (0.5-0.7g)


Juicy Jay’s Rolling Paper

Smoking Brown’s Rolling Paper


Pre-Rolled Alaskan Thunder (0.5-.7g)

Pre-Rolled Frosted Apricot

Pre-Rolled XO (0.5-.7g)

Pre-Rolled WIFI (0.5-.7g)