Candy Cane Vape Pen 1g – SG Supply Co.


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Candy Cane Vape Pen 1g – SG Supply Co.

Candy Cane is a 70% indica strain from Crop King Seeds that combines AK-47, Mango, and White Widow genetics. Its sour, fruity taste is followed by long-lasting, euphoric effects that combat stress and tension.

Contains only two simple ingredients: High-grade solvent-less Delta-9 THC distillate and organic plant-based terpenes

95% Cannabis Distillate
5% Organic Terpenes
1 Gram Disposable

How to recharge your Pen:
  1. Locate the Cap at the base of your vape pen.
  2. Unscrew the Cap slowly to reveal a USB-2.0 port.
  3. Connect one end of the USB Cable to the USB/Charger Port on your Vape Pen.
  4. Please allow up to 3 hours of charging time for your Vape Pen to fully charge.



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