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The Emancipator strain wonderfully balances all the normal effects of a powerful indica while also boasting an energetic, sativa-like punch. It is a somewhat indica dominant hybrid strain (70 percent indica/30 percent sativa). Emancipator is an excellent bedtime strain for unwinding since it produces a powerful, hefty body high that will send you into a restful sleep while also raising your mood.

The high starts with a heady effect, filling your mind with lifted and outgoing energy that has you jumping in and out of conversations with ease. A heavy body high comes next, locking you to the couch and leaving you feeling pretty sedated and immovable before a case of the munchies kicks in.

Emancipator brings on the amazing yet unexpected flavors, with a sweet yet spicy diesel taste that’s accented by rich cheese and fresh woods. The aroma is just as enticing, with a skunky and spicy overtone that turns heavy and cheesy with hints of diesel as the nugs are burned away.

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