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Greek Kalamata Red


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Greek Kalamata Red is an exceptional sativa that testifies to Greece’s potential to turn out some quality bud. With possible origins in sativa strains from Asia and Africa, Kalamata offers buzzy, head-focused effects.

Flowers of Kalamata are unmistakable sativa in terms of their physical structure.  The strain’s thin leaves twist outward from their central stems and seem to have an almost fluffy texture. These leaves are a mossy dark green and are occasionally twisted through with pistils that range in color from orange to red.

Kalamata hits the smoker quickly with a sudden pressure in the forehead and around the temples. If they attempt to stand up after toking on this region sativa, some users make experience slight dizziness or disorientation. What follows is a trippy distortion of visual perception. Certain sounds and colors can take on a new intensity. In some cases, consumers have described an oddly cinematic quality to their vision.
Kalamata’s energetic properties can also have several benefits for medical cannabis patients. Its ever-present feeling of focus can be a boon to those with attention deficit disorders, helping them to concentrate on a single task. Furthermore, that same imminent feeling of mental engagement can temporarily take the edge off of mild to moderate cases of stress and depression. Physiologically speaking, Kalamata’s anti-inflammatory properties can soothe irritations like headaches and nausea. Those who are prone to panic or anxiety should consume this bud with caution, as the “mindrace” associated with its onset can prove overwhelming under unfavorable conditions.
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