Healer Kush


Good for: Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Depression, Lack of Appetite.

Feelings: Euphoric, Relaxed, Happy, Uplifted, Calm.

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Healer Kush (1GR)

Tested 27-31% THC. Hybrid cannabis strains are very popular among people who want to soothe symptoms like muscle spasms, chronic pain, anxiety and sleep deprivation. This is exactly what Healer Kush is all about. It can also help people dealing with depression and those experiencing lack of appetite. Pesticide free and organically produced on Saltspring Island, Healer is a  powerful and tasty favourite prized by cannabis connoisseurs.

Thanks to this healing marijuana strain you can experience relaxation, calmness, and happiness. Some users may experience mild euphoria. This strain has a distinctive green color with yellowish ends on the buds and it also smells refreshing. It is good for both beginner and seasoned marijuana users with its mild high and enjoyable flavour

A new strain from Magi, the same growers of JDB, Timmy OG, Healer Kush, JZ Super Lemon Haze.

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