Bomb Pop Vape Pen 1g – SG Supply Co.


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Bomb Pop Vape Pen 1g – SG Supply Co.

A potent indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing TKBx2 with Z Animal. This strain produces uplifting effects that feel motivating and productive. People say they cannot stop giggling after smoking this weed. At the same time, they feel euphoria and the ability to focus on the present moment without immersing themselves in the past.

Contains only two simple ingredients: High-grade solvent-less Delta-9 THC distillate and organic plant-based terpenes

95% Cannabis Distillate
5% Organic Terpenes
1 Gram Disposable

How to recharge your Pen:
  1. Locate the Cap at the base of your vape pen.
  2. Unscrew the Cap slowly to reveal a USB-2.0 port.
  3. Connect one end of the USB Cable to the USB/Charger Port on your Vape Pen.
  4. Please allow up to 3 hours of charging time for your Vape Pen to fully charge.
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