The Best MoM in the Great White North

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding mail order marijuana service since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared. Lots of consumers have been ‘flocking’ to our online dispensary to help flatten the curve or avoid the risk of getting it altogether by staying in their homes. If you live in Ontario, you may not even have access anymore because the government deemed cannabis dispensaries unessential (while at the same time leaving liquor stores open).

 Yet, what is it about mail order marijuana businesses that have attracted more attention from physical dispensary consumers? There are a few places which Medicanna Express has been able to thrive compared to other counterparts.


Speak to any cannabis consumer across Canada about their retail cannabis experience and you will discover they all something like say. The quality of the weed from dispensaries are often too dry to smoke pleasurably, “canoeing” on one side and having the whole cherry fall out, with only have of it burning properly. That can be disappointing to a consumer because it is two years from legalization and there are still reports of consumers getting products packed over a year ago!

With Medicanna Express, we do not order our product in vast amounts and have them go stale in our warehouse. We understood our market and our client base well enough to order the proper amounts which ensured a proper consistency of quality. Time and time again customers are demonstrating that they rather have too fresh a product over too stale a product.


Another common issue the Canadian cannabis community is having, is the price point of the product. Before cannabis legalization the prices of the products were fair, and we knew that paying more technically meant you are getting a superior product. Today, that is not the case.

When you shop at a physical dispensary not only are you potentially getting dryer, older good, you are also paying more per gram. There are a few reasons for this. First off, there is no problem with paying more money for a strain that has a higher THC count, that’s basic economics. The problems start to arise when you pair this issue with the quality concern. No one wants to pay a premium price for a subpar product. What may have been great quality and freshness a year ago, is an insult to sell the cannabis community.

What is worse is that they knowingly sell this stale product because there is no best before date policy in place. With Medicanna Express, our value is not over estimated. We do not have the overheads and fees to worry about like some of these brick and mortar stores. We can keep our costs reasonable and attractive for these reasons.


One of the last things which helps our MoM stay ahead of our physical store competitors is our product variety. Sure, these stores can have some really cool strains from time to time, but for the most part that’s all you’ll find.

When you shop online with Medicanna Express, your online inventory increases your options.  You get CBD capsules, hash, tinctures, topicals and more under one virtual roof.

Even if you don’t need to shop online at a mail order marijuana dispensary, it’s worth it just for the comparative experience. Visit our website today and discover what the cannabis community is saying about Medicanna Express.


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