The Differences of Strains

A brief primer on Sativas, Indicas and Hybrids.

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There are three overall types of cannabis strains: Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. These all represent different effects and sensations on the human body and psyche.


Sativa plants are usually a plant which is taller and slimmer than its counterparts. It is categorized as offering more of a head ‘high’; that is, a cognitive boost. This helps enhance such mental features as alertness and creativity and allows for the possibility of an improved ability to process information. Sativa’s often leave their users feeling uplifted, happy and/or euphoric. These plant strains are typically used in the daytime to maximize personal productivity. If used at night, sometimes you may find your mind racing and unable to fall asleep as easily. 


Indica plants are typically shorter and wider than sativa plants.  These strains are more suitable for people looking to end their day relaxed, with an increased appetite. Using an indica based cannabis strain will help promote a healthier and regular sleep cycle and may also induce feelings of calmness and euphoria as well. Indica strains also make your eyes heavy and groggy, so it is not recommended to drive or partake at nighttime outside of your home. It’s best to use this at nighttime, close to your bed or couch preferably.


Hybrids, as you can expect, are usually the coming together of two plants to create a new strain with the features of both the ‘father’ and ‘mother’ strains. These favourable characterises are passed on and creates a unique strain for enjoyment. They typically come on a spectrum from very indica dominant hybrids, to balanced hybrids and finally sativa dominant hybrids. The spectacular thing about hybrid strains is that you usually can benefit from the cognitive boost from sativa strains and as well as the body relaxation from the indica counterpart. Hybrids typically dominate the market and are sought out by the cannabis community regularly. 

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