The Vape Escape – A Beginners Guide To How To Pick Your Next Favourite Cannabis Vape Pen

The Vape Escape – A Beginners Guide To How To Pick Your Next Favourite Cannabis Vape Pen

Vaping is becoming an iconic practice for cannabis enthusiasts all around the world. And why wouldn’t it?

Vaping has been shown to be cleaner than smoking any other form of cannabis thanks to the juice extracts being free of plant matter, the cost of the pens has dropped, and the diversity between flavour, terpene profiles, and cannabinoid contents have all contributed to this rise in popularity.

But how much do all these factors matter, and how do we make an informed purchase based on them?

Luckily, we have information that will help you!

Here is a breakdown of factors you need to know to be able to select the right vape for you.


Let’s face it, no matter how good something is for your health, if it tastes bad then you won’t want to use it. Remember grape flavoured cough syrup? We don’t want to either. Yes, it helped, but taking it as an exercise in willpower.

The same will be true for your vape pens, which is why we wanted to talk about flavour first.

Because any cannabis strains can be made into vape juices for pens, you can end up with a nearly inexhaustible list of flavours to choose from. Not only that, but flavours are also often added in from natural sources to give consumers even more options.

You can even get a flavourless pen if nothing you find fits your tastes and would rather be plain in your selection.

So, when you’re looking to buy, remember what you like in terms of taste first so that every time you medicate, you’re making it an enjoyable experience right from the start, which will help you relax and feel at ease even before the effects kick in.

Terpene Profile

A factor related to flavours that is the second most important to cover is the terpene profile of the vape juice.

Terpenes are the flavour and smell molecules that allow cannabis flowers to have diverse ranges of smells and tastes across strains. But that’s not all cannabis terpenes do. They are also responsible for a lot of the effects that cannabis has, in addition to the cannabinoids themselves (more on these later).

A good example of terpenes is to think of yourself enjoying a nice cup of herbal tea. Think of the smell, taste and feeling of relaxation they bring. Those feelings aren’t happening by chance or luck – they’re happening thanks to the terpenes.

Cannabis works the same way as a herbal tea, depending on what terpenes a strain has, the experienced effects will vary also.

For information on terpenes and effects, Leafly’s terpene wheel is a great place to start.

Cannabinoid Content 

Last but not least, cannabinoid content is the third crucial consideration when deciding what kind of vape juice to get.

We’re all familiar with the anecdote that more THC generally means you’ll get higher. And most of the time that’s true, but if you’re looking to use a vape pen medicinally, that may not be your goal.

Maybe you just want less pain without feeling too intoxicated. 

Maybe you want more focus. 

Maybe you’re looking for something to help with sleep.

Each of these goals will need a different balance of cannabinoids, and not just a high dose of THC will work for some individuals.

Out of the cannabinoids, we know best, THC and CBD, effective medicinal use relies on both, and more of other cannabinoids link CBN to be present.

If we’re looking at pain management, perhaps a 30%/70% THC to CBD ratio would work best for you at a lower dose per vape hit of let’s say 5-10mg.

The focus could be something like 50%/50% THC to CBD at a dose of 5mg or less, and sleep could be the same ratio at 10-20mg.

These numbers won’t be optimal for everyone, but they serve to bring attention to the point that knowing what balance works best for your goals is important to be able to properly respond to your medicinal needs.


Are there any other factors aside from the flavour, terpene balance, and cannabinoid content that you consider when buying a vape pen?

Let us know in the comments!

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